About us

Like many parents, some of our best ideas come from the everyday struggles we encounter. We were taking family trip to Disneyland. Like many moms, I wanted to make sure everyone had a great time, but I of course was always thinking about safety, germs, and nap schedules too. At the time my boys were young (7, 5, 3) so we were making many trips to the restroom and I was constantly having to lift them up to wash their hands. That's when my first idea was born – a product for children that would help them reach the faucet and wash their hands on their very own.

We launched Peachy® in 2010 with the Aqueduck® – the first faucet extender in the market. Since that moment, here at Peachy® we have been working diligently to develop other easy to use and fun products that will foster independence, build confidence, while at the same time making lives for parents easier and of course Peachy!

Why Peachy®

When I decided to start my business, my kids were really excited. My oldest son, Justin, came up with the company name – Peachy®, named after his favorite stuffed animal. Not only was it a special name in the eyes of my son, but it truly embodies our philosophy - life is Peachy!

Our philosophy

Building independence and learning self-help skills is a huge stepping stone in a toddler’s development. Simple tasks such as washing hands, brushing teeth, and learning to potty train are just a few of the first soft skills we teach our children. The joy in a child’s face when they can do something as simple as wash their hands on their own is just Peachy. It’s these day-to-day tasks that teach responsibility and help build children’s confidence. Creating easy to use and fun products that are designed to help children create independence and at the same make parents lives easier is our mission here at Peachy®.

About Aqueduck®

Aqueduck® makes hand washing fun and easy for toddlers and preschoolers. Are you tired of holding your child up to wash their hands? How many times have you heard “I want to do it myself?” The Aqueduck will not only make your life easier, but will foster independence skills, build confidence and make hand washing and brushing teeth fun for your child.

The Aqueduck® is the first-ever faucet extender. Simply slip onto your faucet, turn the water on, and now your child can reach the water by themselves. The Aqueduck® is portable, BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free, dishwasher safe and can be used on almost any faucet. No matter where you are, your child can finally wash their hands on their own!

Why Aqueduck®? During the development and design of the product, the shape looked like a duck bill. Since the function of the product was to transport water, like an aqueduct, we did a play on words and named it the Aqueduck®. We love how the Aqueduck® has made parents lives easier and put the "fun" back into hand washing. Check out our reviews on Amazon.

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